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Steamery Stockholm

Cirrus No.2 Steamer

$135.00    ~€121 / ~£104

"This is the best steamer I’ve ever owned. It gives off a steady heat and the metal face plate keeps the garment fresh and without damage — plus it looks great, so I don’t mind storing it on the back of my closet door."

Elizabeth Jones, Jonesville Blog


Buy a steamer and never wash your clothes again! Just kidding — but a steamer does help you reduce your laundry.

You know when you've worn a shirt a few times (which shows) and it's starting to get that subtle human scent? Those clothes can be steamed instead of washed! In addition to removing all odors, steaming lifts and swells the textile fibers, making them regain their natural shape.

Water saved, time saved.

Steamers also work as great alternatives to ironing, as it’s faster and more gentle to garments.

You can steam almost any materials. Just avoid leather, suede, and plastic.

The Cirrus No.2 Steamer is the perfect hybrid of giant home steamers and toy-like travel steamers. It weighs only 0,58kg (1,1lb.), and has compact dimensions — but it’s fast, efficient, and has a 90ml water tank.

There’s a heat protection bag included. Besides transportation, you can wear it like a glove when steaming your clothes. Really handy!

Available with a US or EU plug. Be sure to pick the proper one.


- Heats up in 25 seconds

- Voltage and frequency: 220-240V/50-60Hz

- Power: 1500W

- Weight and dimensions: 0,58kg (1,1lb.) 33x15x11cm

- Woven cord length: 1,8m

- 1 year warranty


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