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Curve Hook

$25    ~€22 / ~£19


Using walls as storage space is something Scandinavians have been doing for ages. Bags, accessories, hats — even bicycles — go up on the wall. Having some of your favorite everyday items on display makes your home, well, your home.

Adding a couple hooks to your hallway is really practical for guests too.

Curve is a wall hook in its most traditional and symbolic form. Shaped like a J, this wooden wall hook has a classic, uncomplicated look. The designer’s clever interpretation of the iconic hook shape makes Curve intuitive in use.

Includes mounting fixture, screws and rawlplugs. The price is for one hook.

Available in ash, white, and black.


- Dimensions: H: 17,7 cm x L: 5,3 cm x D: 10 cm
- Weight: 0,11 kg


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