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Denim Wash

$15    ~€13 / ~£12


Most people wash their jeans too often. Truth is, as long as they don't actually get dirty, air drying to get rid of bad odors is enough. This is how you maximize the lifespan of your favorite pair.

But sometimes jeans do get dirty. You might spill something on them, or they might get muddy. Sometimes air drying isn't enough, and you need to wash your jeans. And when you do, you want to wash them right.

This Swedish denim wash cleanses your garments without eating into the cotton fibers  there are no corrosive alkalis. Treating your jeans right will maintain the original cut for years.

Volume: 300 ml / 10 oz.


30% Aqua, 5-15% coconut alcohol sulphate (anionic surfactant), sugar surfactant (nonionic surfactant), <5% alcohol, sodium chloride, soya bean lecithin, citrate and essential oils from orange (limonene and linalool).


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