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Pilo Fabric Shaver

$45    ~€40 / ~£35


A fabric shaver makes old, worn out looking clothes look as good as new. A good fabric shaver does it without damaging the garments.

You know how it's said that the sharper the knife, the safer? Not only is the Pilo Fabric Shaver sharp, but it has an engine twice as powerful as anything else on the market. Combined with the clever design, you'll get the smoothest clothes in no time  while being gentle.

Works on all kinds of materials. Wool, cotton, cashmere, alpaca, synthetic fibers... you name it (and shave it).

How to Use the Pilo Fabric Shaver

Using the Pilo Fabric Shaver couldn’t be easier. Simply remove the cap, turn on the shaver, and work across pilled surfaces. Don’t apply unnecessary pressure, the weight of the shaver is enough.

Cleaning the fabric shaver is equally easy. Screw it open, lift the razor and use your finger to empty the lint. Lastly of course reassemble it.


- Voltage and frequency: 100-240V/50/60Hz

- 1 year warranty

- Power: 5W

- Charging: With USB (cord included, but no adapter/transformer).

- Charging time: About 5 hours

- Continuous lint removal: 50 minutes (this is plenty).


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